One advantage of using a Raspberry Pi is that it’s very inexpensive. But many of us access it from our desktop or laptop computers. I do most of my work on my desktop computer running Windows 10. (It’s too old to run Windows 11.)

I use Microsoft’s Visual Studio Code for most of my text editing. It works very nicely for Remote Development using SSH. One of the very nice features is that I can open files on my Raspberry Pi and my desktop computer in Visual Studio Code and copy-and-paste between them.

Visual Studio Code also allows me to open a terminal window to my Raspberry Pi so I can use the command line for program development on it.

Of course, this works for any remote computer that supports SSH connections. For example, if you’re using my x86-64 book and have access to a remote system running Linux on x86-64, you can use Visual Studio Code on your local computer for the programming in the book.