Corrections, Solutions, and Source Code

Corrections to the book

First printing.

Solutions to Your Turn Exercises

Almost all programming problems have more than one solution. My solutions reflect my programming style, which is to emphasize simplicity and readability.

Here are my solutions to the Your Turn exercises for each chapter:

Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6, No Your Turn exercises in Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12, Chapter 13, Chapter 14, Chapter 15, Chapter 16, Chapter 17, Chapter 18, Chapter 19, Chapter 20, Chapter 21.

Source Code Files

If you wish, you can download the source code files for both the Listings in the text and my solutions to the Your Turn programming exercises in a single zipped file, or you can view them on GitHub.